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Strange Colors

Strange Colors  
Most of the time, I’m just here with no memories of yesterday,
Just here. Confused as everyone else. 
Sometimes, I stress myself out with the magnitude of all the things I don’t know yet,
My emotions almost always overwhelm me and I’m often reminded of how I like the simple things in life. 
I have a flaming self respect, and an aura that doesn’t need to be explained,
Quite overlooked & judged, but my character stays the same.
I’m such a lady before my time; that many guys wouldn’t know what to do with me,
A Queen exploiting grace, poise, intellect & all it takes to run a Queensland.
I’m a beer lover/taster who understands that materialism is not the way to happiness,
I prefer sports bars and a stimulating conversation before estimating the size of  your wallet.
Some women are just a rare find,
It’s rare to find a woman these days that accepts her inner qualities before her outer appearance.
My tiger striped lines of imperfection add remarkable beauty to my odd shaped beach figure,
The fact that my breasts may barely be a handful, I have more than enough ounces of confidence to make up for it. 
At times, I’m caught in my own personal tornado; whirlwinds of some forms of beautiful,
Still trying to figure myself out.
I’m nothing more than a hopeless romantic who grows with time,
My choices and decisions haven’t always been the wisest,
But I’ve known enough weakness to gain strength.
 I have an organ deep within me that plays a beautiful rhythm behind the caged bars of hurt,
It shows adoration, love, kindness & beats at a upbeat pace. 
If you look hard and closely you can see my truth,
Don’t study to hard, just know that:
Most of the time, I’m just here with no memories of yesterday,
Just here. Confused as everyone else.  
Heather J.
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"I’ve learned patience through my feelings of stagnation.
Some pieces of the puzzle aren’t always visible, at first glance."

- Dae Lee (Daeizm)

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"Be your own hero for once."

- Six Word Story | darkmoda (via hefuckin)

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