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"A writer doesn’t have to say I love you all the time. We write about you n’ shit."

- Me (via leeharveyozwald)

"Master your mind. Master your life."

- Mark Patterson, @Expherience (via kushandwizdom)

Before Bed, His Song … 
The sound of my voice before he lays his head to rest is his bedtime song,
His favorite beat is the one that skips just by seeing my lips move silently.
My poetry is the melodic tone that he begins to hear during REM;
Influencing some of his best dreams, fantasies and memories.
Your tune would be off if you ever tried to sing him his favorite bed-song,
His favorite song happens to be the one that requires me to tell him about my day,
The one where where we share the thoughts of the distance between us two.
His favorite rhythmic feel is when I begin to massage his shoulders after a long day,
While humming “Loving You Is Easy ‘Cause Your Beautiful” in his ear.
Watching him sleep is a song within itself,
I can write a song about the way he smiles in his sleep,
Or his simple movement showing a peaceful state.
With a slightly felt kiss to his collar bone,
He says it’s almost the sweetest thing he’s ever known.
He receives an Intoxicated feeling by just the metaphors & affection he’s showered with before rest.
Knowing I’m in his presence abundantly,
He’s able to close his eyes,
Love attracts Love,
And my love is like a child hearing their favorite story before bed,
And before you can reach the ending,
You look up & know that they’ve peacefully fell asleep by just the sound of your voice.
The excitement I receive by knowing that your sleeping peacefully,
Because of me,
Is equivalent to that natural high I receive,
When waking up next to your god created close to perfection…
Sleep Tight,
Heather J.
Instagram: @LyteAsAHeather
Twitter: @LyteAsAHeather